How to Run a Gas Pipe to a New Gas Oven

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Locate the area in your kitchen where you want to install the gas pipe and oven. There should be a gas valve in the kitchen, which is typically located near the refrigerator.

Turn the handle of the gas shut-off valve to the "Off" position then clean any excess threads or tape from the gas shut-off valve with a wire brush.

Apply pipe thread sealant to the pipe threads of the excess flow valve part then screw the excess flow valve into the top of the gas shut-off valve by hand.

Tighten the two valves with an adjustable wrench then connect the copper gas pipe to the excess flow valve. Tighten the connector with the adjustable wrench once it's connected.

Connect the other end of the gas pipe to a brass elbow and tighten the pipe to the elbow with the flange nut on the end of the pipe.

Attach the brass elbow to the gas valve on the bottom rear end of the gas oven. Tighten the brass elbow to the gas valve.

Turn the gas shut-off valve to the "On" position then move the gas oven against the wall.
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