Essential Pointers for Good Bone Health

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Good bone health is very important to literally keep us running and about. It is frightening to imagine our life if we do not take care of our bones. If a minor fracture is enough to restrict us to bed rest then what would be the scenario if any major bone ailment engulfs our body like Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. We need to be alert to understand what affects our body. To fulfill this purpose, an understanding should be there of the symptoms and remedies.
This ailment deals with weak and brittle bones due to loss of bone tissue and decreasing amount of bone mass. The tendency to suffer from fractures increases manifold if one suffers from Osteoporosis. It is also important to build sufficient bone mass till the age of 25, so that the strength of bones can be retained for the later stages of life.
€ In the initial stages, one may not spot too many symptoms but as the ailment progresses, a pain is experienced, especially in the lower back and the neck.
€ A person may suffer from shots of pain rather than a constant feeling of pain and if that particular area experiences a certain weight, the pain may aggravate and linger for a week or so.
€ A bent posture with a decreased height is one of the telling signs of a spinal compression fracture.
The treatment of Osteoporosis involves making an increase in the bone density, establishing a control on the pain which is experienced during this ailment and slowing the process of mineral loss:
€ It is important that the quantity of calcium is increased in the diet which will ensure sufficient bone mass.
€ Indulging in weight bearing exercises like walking and maintaining the appropriate body weight.
€ Using the services of an occupational therapist to understand the correct methods of exercising.
Another ailment that has gained prominence over the past few years is Osteoarthritis. It is largely the cause for persistent joint pain. It is an ailment that affects the entire joint and this also includes ligaments, lining of the joint, surrounding muscles etc€¦ A careful understanding must be made of the symptoms and the treatment involved.
€ A major symptom is pain experienced in any joint area, and if that particular joint is used to the extreme, the pain can worsen.
€ Specific areas like hip, knees etc€¦are affected. If these areas bear too much wait, the ailment can aggravate.
€ A study has revealed that extreme physical work load can lead to Osteoarthritis in areas like the hip and the knee.
Treatment for Osteoarthritis is a mix of a good diet rich in fiber and exercises. Exercises that deal with stretching in the right amounts can be useful. Fish Oils like Omega 3 fatty acid is essential in reducing the inflammation. Multivitamins are also a good idea.
To avoid so many complications related to bones, simple steps must be followed and one of these is a nutritional supplement, which will ensure that we do not miss out on important nutrients. Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., an expert into clinical nutrition and health supplements has come up with OsteoPro. OsteoPro makes a significant contribution to good bone health. It is made of considerable components like Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Glucosamine contributes in the process of the production of a molecule that is important for repair of cartilage and various body tissues. Chondroitin sulphate plays a role in giving the cartilage elasticity and fluidity.

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