Top 3 Detox Diets and Why They Are So Popular?

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First of all, I will explain to you what a Detox Diet or detoxification diet is.
Detox does not always refer to treatment for drug dependence or alcohol or substance abuse.
It can also mean various methods of removing or eliminating dietary toxins and environmental toxins from your body through intake of herbs and diets so as to ensure optimum health.
You can choose from dozens of Detox Diets.
Almost all of these diets have certain common features which I am going to list below: All Detox Diets are short term diets.
Detoxing usually rely on food substances rich in high levels of fiber and water content.
These have the ability to extract and remove toxins from the body through increased frequency in urination and bowel movements.
These diets also tend to emphasize nutritious food items that can impart to the body necessary antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins.
These are substances that the body requires for detoxification.
Because, fresh, natural, herbal or organic food items are consumed while detoxing, ingestion of chemicals is reduced.
By detoxing, you can get rid of all the accumulated toxins and waste materials stored inside your body including that cumulative load known as body burden.
Some of the benefits of detoxing are skin clarity, improved concentration, improved digestion, regularized and clear bowel movements, improved mental clarity, lesser amounts of pimples or acne and rashes, improved absorption of nutrients, a bettered immune system, cleansed blood stream and increased energy.
Now for the top 3 diets and why they are so highly favored.
Master cleanse You have to combine together cayenne pepper, lemon/lime juice, maple syrup and water to gently detox your system and it is less harsh compared to water fast.
You won't experience any healing crisis normally associated with water fasts and it helps in the release of toxins very fast.
You can absorb the energy that maple syrup will give you easily.
Raw food In this kind of a diet you have to consume food items in their raw avatar so that the food items can preserve their nutritional quotient like essential organic minerals, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins etc that are beneficial for the human body.
You have to put an end to eating foods rich in artificial additives, preservatives and processed foods.
Juice fasting During a fast like this one, you will be allowed to consume only homemade fresh fruit juices that have a high content of body rejuvenating enzymes, minerals and vitamins.
You can derive the juices from vegetables or a combination of veggies and fruits.
It is also easier to follow than water fasting and will completely cleanse your system.
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