Open for Inspections Tips

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The best way for potential buyers to get a feel of your home is by having an "open for inspection" day.

Saturdays are always best, so if you are selling your own home, your property should be completely available to the potential buyers on the day that suits them most.

Even though you may hold your open houses on Saturdays, you should be open and available to show your home on other days and at other times, should there be a demand.

'Open for inspection' days are also useful to the home vendor because it reduces the numberof out-of-hours appointments that need to be made.

You should also keep in mind that marketing your home is an important way to draw people in. You can hang up flyers for the open house and have a sign outside, but better ways to reach more people regarding your day include advertising online and in the real estate section of your local newspaper.

Below you will find more tips on open for inspections:

* Allow potential buyers to peacefully walk through the home by themselves but make sure that they know that you are on hand for any questions they may have. Many people do not want to feel pressured or hassled while at an open house.
* Open for inspections are not a time to talk about bargaining the price of the house and only serious offers that are written by qualified buyers should be considered in this situation.
* Have snacks ready for when your visitors come. Make fresh coffee, boil water for tea and have other drinks chilled which you can offer and lay out for your guests. This will help to give you and your home a friendly appeal.
* When you have an open for inspection, make sure that your spouse and/or a friend is with you at all times to avoid being left alone in your home with a stranger.
* Have a sign-in sheet to see who is passing through your home.
* You cannot trust everyone who comes into your home, so if you have valuable items, it is always a good idea to remove them during the process.
* An open for inspection should have a set time from 12 to 5, for example, to avoid people coming into your home at unwanted times.
* It is always a good idea to give out your mobile phone number instead of your home phone number on any promotional work that you do to market and sell your home.

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