Mexico Business Etiquette Customs & Practice

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    • A handshake that is not too firm, along with light touches on the arm or elbow, is exchanged between professional men when greeting one another. Businesswomen shake hands as well, and may kiss one another on the cheek if they are familiar with each other. Mexican men and women normally exchange handshakes in professional settings.


    • Business attire is dressy. Men should wear dark suits with ties, and quality accessories, such as an expensive watch or cuff links. Women can wear business suits and matching shoes, and are expected to wear high heels and pantyhose.

    Professional Titles

    • Mexican professionals prefer to be addressed by their titles, i.e. "professor" and "doctor." It is acceptable to use these titles alone, without saying the person's last name. Businesspeople without a professional title should be referred as "Mr.," "Mrs.," and "Miss," followed by a surname.

    Business Cards

    • International colleagues should give their business card to everyone who is attending a meeting. It is proper etiquette to have one side of the card translated into Spanish. The Spanish side of the card should be facing the recipient when presented.

    Gift Giving

    • It is appropriate to bring a small gift with one's company logo to an initial business meeting. If invited to a Mexican's home, it is proper etiquette to present the host with chocolates or a quality bottle of wine. Gifts should be neatly wrapped, and are usually opened immediately.

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