How to Catch Sneasel on Pokemon Crystal

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    • 1). Travel to Mahogany Town in northern Johto.

    • 2). Head west through Route 44. The road is forked; however, both paths lead to the Ice Path.

    • 3). Enter the cave at the end of the route.

    • 4). Walk eastward through the cave until your reach a sheet of ice.

    • 5). Slide southeast over the sheet of ice.

    • 6). Take the staircase to walk north along the raised area of land.

    • 7). Walk west until you encounter another sheet of ice. This one contains rocks, so you need to slide from rock to rock to progress through the cave.

    • 8). Slide up, left, up, left, down, left, up and right to reach the other side.

    • 9). Travel east until you reach another ice field. Slide right, up, left, down, left, up and right.

    • 10

      Pick up HM07, which contains Waterfall.

    • 11

      Slide back across the field and ascend the stairs to the north.

    • 12

      Walk eastward along the raised land until you find a ladder.

    • 13

      Descend into the basements of the Ice Path.

    • 14

      Explore the basements until meet a Sneasel. The deeper you travel into the cave, the higher your chances of encountering one.

    • 15

      Lower Sneasel's health with attacks and then capture it in a PokeBall.

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