American Patchwork and Quilting - A Basic Technique For a Beautiful Craft

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Quilting with American Patchwork The secret to American patchwork and quilting is first and foremost in the accuracy of the cutting and stitching.
This accuracy is more easily executed with a good selection of quilting tools that are available today -- tools such as the rotary cutter and the different measuring tools that are available in quilting and craft stores.
The pieces cut for American patchwork and quilting are cut from long strips that are cut with grain of the fabric.
The pieces are then sewn together into squares; these squares are assembled into the finished quilt.
The completed blocks can be created from sets of four, five, seven or even nine patch blocks.
The number depends on the pattern being followed and the preferences of the person creating the quilt.
One of the fun aspects to American patchwork and quilting is pulling together many women who will work together on one quilt.
Each one will complete a block and then sew those blocks together.
This technique of joining in the efforts of a quilt making, helps to make American patchwork and quilting a continuing facet of this country's history.
It can also result in the creation of a special gift a newly married couple or a couple expecting an arrival of new baby.
This team effort allows a many crafters to put their own signature on what is sure to be a prized and honored family heirloom for the fortunate recipient.
The team can create the blocks to be identical in color and pattern, or the plan can allow each crafter to develop her own creation which will then fit into the finished quilt in terms of size and design.
Once each person's blocks are completed, it's time to gather together to layer the final pieces and add the finishing stitches.
Various Patterns of American Patchwork Quilting Many patterns of American patchwork and quilting are available.
Perhaps one of the more well-known is the log cabin pattern.
It has been said that this quilt square resembles the log cabins built by the early settlers in this country.
This indeed makes it a true American patchwork and quilting tradition.
Since it first began, the log cabin pattern has evolved into a wide variety of designs and colors, however, the overall design of the piece is indeed easily recognizable.
These get-togethers came to be called Quilting bees.
They served as a way for the older women in the group to advise the younger women by teaching them ways to care for their homes and families in addition to learning to sew.
Quilting was brought to America by emigrants from old world countries such as Ireland and Germany.
They brought their own cultures which in turn influenced such things as the American patchwork quilting of yesterday and today.
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