Causes of Numbness in Fingers

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Do you feel numbness in your fingers? This could be one of the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).
The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located on the palm side of your wrist.
This tunnel protects a main nerve to your hand and nine tendons that bend your fingers.
Pressure placed on the nerve produces the numbness, pain and, eventually, hand weakness that characterize carpal tunnel syndrome.
Symptoms 1.
Tingling or numbness in your fingers or hand 2.
Pain radiating or extending from your wrist up your arm to your shoulder or down into your palm or fingers.
A sense of weakness in your hands and a tendency to drop objects 4.
A constant loss of feeling in some fingers Risk Factors - The condition has become more prevalent over the years, due to the occupations that require repetitive motion wrist flexion.
- Occupations, such as computer operators, typists, packers in the meat and poultry industries and assembly line workers are greatly at risk.
- Diabetes, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis.
- Pregnancy Treatment - The Chiropractor will probably start the patient with a regime of physiotherapy and flexibility exercises where indicated.
- Treatment can include wrist splits, Physiotherapy and in some cases surgery.
Physiotherapy treatment is usually based towards restoring strength and flexibility and improving blood flow.
So how could you restore strength, flexibility and blood flow at home? Exercise Recommended rehabilitation device - Powerball Hand Gyroscope Recommended by Chiropractors, the Powerball Gyroscope is a fully dynamic training - rehabilitation product that takes your wrist through the actual ranges of its motion while simultaneously adding resistance.
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