Article Writing Examples - 4 New Secrets in Writing Interesting Sample Articles

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Are you a freelance writer who's trying to create an impressive online portfolio? Well, it's very important that you do this right as your success in this endeavor will depend on effectiveness of your portfolio.
There is no doubt that a lot of individuals, even corporations, will work with you if they see that your sample articles are simply impressive.
Here's how you can create interesting sample articles: 1.
Choose your topics.
As you would like to sound very knowledgeable on your articles, I suggest that you stick with topics that you're an expert on.
However, ensure that your topics are interesting to your potential buyers.
Although you can write anything under the sun, try not to focus your attention on those topics that will not benefit anyone.
Hone your writing skills.
Being a mediocre or okay writer will not do it.
Of course, your potential clients will expect to get their money's worth.
To give them exactly what they need, I recommend that you spend time enhancing your writing skills.
Write everyday and ask for help from writing gurus to develop a writing style that will demonstrate your intelligence and sense of humor.
Write for online users.
As your clients will be all using your articles to attract online users, it's very important that you write specifically for these people.
Internet users simply love articles that are short, useful, informative, content-rich, tight, and 100% unique.
Check your articles.
It's very important for you to make sure that your articles are flawless, even perfect so you can easily impress your readers.
Before you post them on your online portfolio, run them against grammar and spell checker first.
Then, manually proofread them just to make sure that they're really free from any error.
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