Fishing Basics - A Beginner"s Guide to Trout Fishing

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In this article I'm going to do my best to outline the fishing basics that every trout fisherman needs to know.
Are these the only things you need to be aware of to be a successful trout angler? Of course not, there are other things that need to be learned but knowing these basics will put you in a much better position for success.
These trout fishing tips will serve you well for many years to come.
A couple of them were taught to me by my best friends' father, the best trout fisherman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and the rest have been learned through experience.
The bottom line is that this article is most certainly a beginner's guide to trout fishing, albeit a very short and sweet guide.
When it comes to fishing for trout many amateurs tend to use fishing line and gear that are entirely too heavy.
You want to make sure that very light gear and line are employed when trout fishing.
Ultra light action rods and reels are ideal, with light action rods and reels being the next best option.
Anything heavier than this is overkill and shouldn't be used while trout fishing.
Your reel should be spooled with light line as well.
In most all trout fishing situations four to six pound test monofilament is ideal.
I personally use four pound test for all of my trout fishing.
If you think line of this size is too light consider the fact that I regularly hook and land trout in the 3-5 pound range on four pound test monofilament.
Using light line and gear makes you a better angler as well (an added bonus!).
The next thing every beginning trout angler needs to be aware of is when he or she is fishing.
When it comes to trout fishing basics this is a good one.
Simply paying attention to the weather and moon and then planning your fishing trips accordingly, will improve your bite rates dramatically.
These two forces of Mother Nature have a dramatic impact on a trout's feeding activity.
The next thing every beginning trout fisherman needs to understand is that gang hooks are a great idea.
These hooks allow you two present worms in a completely natural manner and if you choose to fish for stocked trout with Powerbait you can present double the bait.
These hooks can be used for other fish species as well, but when it comes to trout fishing basics, the use of gang hooks is a great idea.
As I said in the beginning of this article, these aren't the only tips that need to be understood, but they are a few of the more important.
Fishing is just like any other endeavor, and these trout fishing basics will put you in a much better position to be a successful trout fisherman.
Remember, the more time that can be spent on the water practicing, the better off you will be.
Gather information and put that information into practice that is the key to fishing success.
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