Which Wireless Security Camera is Right for Your Home?

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You have decided to set up a wireless security camera in your home. Now that you made that decision, the next step is buying the right one.

What features do you want on the security camera? How many wireless security cameras do you want? How small do you want it? Do you want a hidden camera?

First, determine how many cameras you want set up in your home. You might want just one centrally located, like in the living room. Or maybe you want one at each entrance, like the front and back doors. Another good place for a camera is in the basement.

Once you settle on the number of security cameras, now you can figure out what features you want on them. You'll probably want to get a wireless security camera that has night vision. This camera can record all kinds of activity in pitch black darkness. Cameras without this feature make it more difficult to see what's going on in the dark.

If the camera is infrared, it can detect metal objects in a room or on someone. If someone breaks into your house and he has a gun, the infrared camera will show that the intruder has something metal in his hand. This will help you make a decision as to what to do next in order to protect yourself.

Dome security cameras are installed on the ceiling. Some people don't even realize that there is a camera on the ceiling. An intruder will also find it difficult to see where the camera is pointing because the dome covers it up. It's also more difficult to tamper with dome cameras.

You can also choose to get a color wireless security camera or the traditional black and white video. Make sure the camera is waterproof in case you want to set one up outside, next to your door. It should also be able to pan, tilt and zoom in and out.Hidden cameras are becoming more popular.

If you want your camera hidden so no one knows you have one, there are several cameras you can purchase that look like smoke detectors, clock radios, stereo speakers, etc. Or you can get a very small camera that can be hidden in a plant or hidden on a table. It's so small that no one notices it. These small cameras are just as effective as the larger ones.

If you want to be able to view your camera on the internet, you can buy a camera with this option. You'll be able to see what's going on at your house when you're at work or on vacation. You can access your camera from any computer or cell phone that has WIFI. It might cost a little more, but if you think you need this option, then go for it.

Now, that you know the number of wireless security cameras you want in your home and what features you want on them, it's time to go out and buy the security camera that's right for you.
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