How to Fix a Liquid Soap Dispenser

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    • 1). Remove the pump from the liquid soap dispenser. Most dispensers have a pump threaded onto the top or bottom of the liquid soap reservoir. Prop the open base of the dispenser up so no soap spills during the repair.

    • 2). Straighten a paper clip. Poke the straight paper clip into the dispensing nozzle and feed straw. Pull out as much of the gummy dried soap as possible.

    • 3). Plug the sink and fill it 3/4 full of hot water. Add the white vinegar and liquid soap pump to the sink. Cover the pump with a small dish to weigh it down for a 15-minute underwater soak.

    • 4). Compress the pump underwater five time. Lift the pump so only the feed straw is submerged. Compress the pump again to see if water flows out the nozzle.

    • 5). Clear residue from the nozzle and feed straw if any clog remains. Repeat the 15-minute hot soak process and retest the pump until you are satisfied. Dry the entire pump assembly.

    • 6). Apply a thin layer of water displacing lubricant to the metal spring or any other moving parts inside the pump. Wipe away the excess lubricant. Reassemble the repaired liquid soap dispenser.

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