How to Cut a Fishnet Shirt

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    • 1). Purchase a high-quality pair of fishnet tights from a dance store. Higher-quality netting will last much longer and hold its shape better than a cheaper netting material, and will also withstand the cuts necessary to create the shirt without unraveling.

    • 2). Lay the tights onto a table or other flat surface with the waistband facing toward you. Spread out the legs as if they were the arms of a shirt.

    • 3). Cut a small, 3-inch hole into the middle of the crotch of the tights. This is where you will fit your head.

    • 4). Cut off the ends of the tight at the feet to fit your arms through.

    • 5). Fit the tights over your head, making the hole larger, if necessary. Do not cut the hole larger until you have fitted the shirt over your head, because it may stretch out much further than you would first assume.

    • 6). After trying out the shirt, make any adjustments necessary for a better fit, such as possibly cutting off the waistband or shortening the arms.

    • 7). Last, using a sewing machine, sew a piece of elastic around the neck opening, the sleeves and the hem to prevent the shirt from later pulling up or unraveling.

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