Are There Any Sales on the Wii Console?

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The Wii console has become one of the best and well known gaming consoles of our time.
The sensor controls have made this type of console something that the other companies have decided to copy and create the same kind of thing themselves.
If you've considered using a Wii console this Christmas you're most likely considering where to get one on sale or at a cheaper price.
So here are some tips when looking for a place to find these consoles for a smaller price.
Consider second hand.
The Wii console is very resilient.
If you're shopping for any console second hand you'll find some of the best prices for these units in second hand dealers.
Make sure to test the unit in store, and be clear about what warranty is included with the product too.
See if you can get some extras thrown in with these kinds of deals as a second hand console is often marked up a very large degree.
Some indication of how much second hand prices are marked up is to estimate about roughly 50 to 70 percent mark up.
This is a whole lot if you're selling them.
So they've got room to move.
But remember, if you want to get a Wii console second hand before Christmas, you'd better get in early.
So start calling around now before it's too late.
Seek big department stores and call to put one on hold.
There will be some good deals in the biggest department stores so get on the phone and start calling.
Check out their online catalogues so that you know exactly what they've got on offer.
Go for the deals that include the extra accessories, rather than the games, as the accessories will get long term use, but the games are often short and have very little long term playability.
Keep in mind the number of people that will be playing the machine, and make sure to get enough controllers put aside, and to buy games that are suitable for this many players.
Get someone else to buy it for you!
This is a great way of getting out of the shopping for this present which will be in high demand this year.
Get someone else to get it for you and avoid all the trouble! Use some of these strategies and you'll be well on your way to getting a Wii console for Christmas this year.
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