Future Love Predictions - Dreams About the Person You Love

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Many people send me dreams about the person they love for translation.
This is unnecessary, because these dreams are so simple that anyone can learn how to translate them and have objective information about the person they love, predicting their reactions and learning many things about the way they think and feel.
If you have psychological problems, then you need to learn the dream language in order to be able to translate any kind of dream, but if you simply want to be able to predict what will happen in a certain case, how he or she is going to react, if you fit together, if they are loyal, etc.
, you can simply learn how to interpret the dreams about the person you love by yourself, without studying the dream language.
This is a privilege you can have today because my method of dream translation is so advanced, after 19 years of conducting psychotherapy, study and research.
Today the vision I can give you about the meaning of your dreams is so clear, that you can immediately learn what you care about.
I advise you to deeply study the dream language and be able to translate all your dreams alone because this is going to help you in all fields of your life, but if you are not so sure that this knowledge will help you, or if you don't have the time to study and learn, you can start learning the basics by learning how to interpret dreams where the animus or anima appear.
The animus is the image of the ideal man for a woman, and the anima is the image of the perfect woman for a man.
Now, pay attention to the fact that I said "the image" and not directly "the perfect" man or woman, for each one.
An image is an idol.
An idol is a false god that will transform you into a slave.
What does it mean? It means that the image of the anima or the animus that you have in mind may not be the image of the person that will really make you happy.
He or she is only the "type" that you like.
When we talk about an idol, we are also talking about an image that receives many characteristics given by your imagination.
You admire and even adore an idol, because you believe that it has magical powers.
However, you might be very wrong...
An idol is only a false image: it doesn't represent your ideal match.
It mainly represents the big danger of getting involved with the wrong person, while believing that they are the right one, because they have a few of the characteristics you like in a person of the opposite sex.
Therefore, you will see many dreams with the animus or anima, showing you that what you believe about the person you love is not true.
You are misled into believing that you fit together, and that they are nice and they love you.
You will in fact only suffer very much with all the deceptions you'll have with them.
On the other hand, you may see many dreams giving you warnings: you are despising your perfect match, because you cannot recognize him or her among the crowd, or because somebody else is imprisoning you in a relationship that won't bring you any happiness.
You have to pay attention to what is happening to you.
Future love predictions will be the main subject of your dreams if you are in love with someone.
The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is so generous that it sends you infinite dreams about the person you most care about! You certainly can predict the future thanks to calculations, because everything in nature has to be prepared before actually happening.
The unconscious mind calculates everything and sends you the results of its estimations.
This is how you'll be able to predict the future of your relationship or predict how his or her reaction will be on certain occasions, preparing your plans according to what will help you attain the results you desire, only by interpreting the meaning of your dreams!
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