Miami Excursions & Trips

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    The Everglades

    • After some alterations by humans, 1.5 million acres of Everglades exist as the Everglade National Park. An additional 500,000 acres act as drainage and water storage for nearby populated areas. Excursions and trips here can include hiking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and camping. Rentals are available. Explore the seawater area called Ten Thousand Islands with a trained naturalist by boat. Animals seen on the tour include manatees, spoonbills, dolphins, and bald eagles. A second boat tour discovers the Whitewater Bay backcountry of the Florida Bay area. A third guided tour loops through 15 miles of Everglades. The naturalist led tour often sees great egrets, snowy egrets, common moorhens, red-bellied woodpeckers, red-bellied turtles, banded water snakes, green tree frogs, cottonmouths and zebra butterflies. You can rent a bicycle and cover the same 15 miles as the tram tour without the naturalist.


    • Adults can take excursions to the various land and sea-based casinos. Casino ships sail nine miles out to sea, where gambling is legal. The Native American tribes, the Seminoles and Miccosukee, manage eight casinos on land. The legal age varies by activity. For bingo or poker, the legal age is 18. The minimum age for Vegas-style slots and table games is 21 years.

    Key West

    • Getting to Key West is an adventure in itself. The highway crosses 42 bridges, including the Seven Mile Bridge. The foundation utilizes coral, individual keys and the foundation from a destroyed railroad. It takes less than four hours to traverse the roadway. Once in Key West, activities involve the surrounding coral reef and exploration of the area. Partake in sailing, fishing, snorkeling, para-sailing, day cruises and scuba diving. Shop, dine and party in local hot spots. For a more morbid take on the culture, spend a few hours in the Key West cemetery, where residents moved the burial ground after the 1847 hurricane brought up bodies from the previous cemetery or a walking tour of the haunted and mysterious hot spots. Traditional tours cover the historical locations and tourist attractions by foot or bike. Other attractions include several museums, pubs, an aquarium and a butterfly conservatory.

    Art Deco District

    • Created between 1923 and 1943 the Art Deco District refers to the style of architecture of the area. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, the Art Deco District includes South Beach, where pastel hued Art Deco buildings line the street. Vendors offer self-guided audio tours and various methods of transportation.

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