5 Harmful Foods You Should NOT Feed Your Dog

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In this guide on caring for your dog, you will learn about 5 harmful foods you should not feed your pet.
It is important that you understand that nutrition is one of the main ingredients when it comes to longevity and health in your dog.
If your pet receives the proper nutrition, you will find that they are full of energy, and that they have fewer health complications throughout their lives.
While it is important to ensure that you feed your dog the right foods, it is important to know which foods that you should never, ever allow your pet to have.
The following list details these foods: 1.
Chocolate - While this may be a pleasing substance for people, it is not as nice for a dog to indulge in.
This sweet treat contains a lot of fat, theobromine, as well as high levels of caffeine.
By providing this to your pet, the nervous system is put into a high level of action as it is a stimulant.
This can slow down the digestive process, cause high levels of energy as well as high levels of lethargy, and can increase the amount of sugar that is in the blood of your pet.
Alcohol - It is absolutely imperative that you never provide your dog with any amount of alcohol.
Pets, particularly dogs, that consume alcohol can display a large range of symptoms including balance complications, vomiting, lethargy, obvious signs of discomfort, and other symptoms.
If the dog digests a toxic level of alcohol, it is quite likely that death could occur.
Baking Products - Baking products such as soda and powder can prove to be quite dangerous to your dog�s health.
These products can result in uncomfortable gas and gastrointestinal complications.
If your pet consumes these products, they may experience many uncomfortable symptoms.
These symptoms include dehydration due to electrolyte abnormalities, spasms in the muscles, gastrointestinal upset, and even more serious problems such as heart failure that is congestive based.
Various Seed Foods - There are various seed foods such as apples, plums, cherries, and peaches that can prove to be toxic to your pet.
When a dog digests the seeds that are part of the food as well as the stems, they can develop a toxic reaction that is adverse in nature.
Signs that your pet is experiencing a reaction to these types of foods include pupils that are dilated, respiratory complications, and obvious discomfort.
Many pets may even experience severe shock.
Avocados - The avocado has several different components that are believed to be toxic to dogs.
It is important that you always work to avoid providing this fruit to your pet.
If your pet does consume this fruit, you may immediately notice abdominal swelling, respiratory complications, lethargy, vomiting, and similar symptoms.
Many dogs have died as a result of consuming this particular type of fruit.
It is imperative that you learn all that you are able to regarding the 5 harmful foods that you should never feed your dog.
Here, you have learned a little about each.
If your pet has consumed any of the aforementioned items, seek medical care immediately.
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