Is It True You Already Have To Be Thin In Order To Get Liposuction?

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Unfair though it may seem, most cosmetic procedures actually tend to work best on people who are already at a healthy weight, have good skin, and are relatively young.
With liposuction in particular, it's very important for candidates to have firm and elastic skin.
The reason for this is because if a significant amount of fat is to be removed, the skin must be healthy enough to shrink and reshape itself around the new contours, or else the overall appearance will be baggy, loose, or wrinkly.
Another slightly perplexing fact about liposuction is that those who are truly overweight or obese tend not to get good results.
The reason for this is twofold: first, liposuction has not been proved safe for removing large volumes of fat, so some surgeon refuse to remove more than about ten pounds.
Ten pounds can mean a lot if the patient is only slightly above their target weight, but if they have a hundred or even hundreds of pounds to lose their results will be negligible or even unnoticeable.
Second, liposuction sometimes doesn't work as well for the obese because a typically procedure will only target one or two areas.
If a person is just slightly overweight, getting some excess fat removed from their thighs, for example, can help them seem more slim everywhere, but if they are significantly overweight throughout their body but then have perfect-looking legs, the effect can seem jarring and false.
Finally, older people tend to report more negative side effects of liposuction, such as lumpiness or baggy skin, because their skin is not as elastic anymore, and because many of them have decreased muscle tone underneath the fat.
When you put all this together, it ends up begging the question: if you have to be all that in order to get cosmetic surgery, why do people even bother? The answer to the question depends some on the person.
For some, especially those who are only a little overweight, it's a point of pride-being able to fit into those jeans they wore in high school can mean a lot.
For others, it is a stepping stone.
Losing that first ten pounds easily through liposuction can help jump start the diet and give them a little more confidence in themselves.
Still others use liposuction less as a weight loss tool per se and more for body sculpting-that is, a woman who is overweight may get liposuction around her waist not so much in order to lose weight overall, but rather to give herself more of an hourglass figure that highlights her curves
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