Sex As a Stress Reliever

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The average person is making love once a week or less.
Seventy-five percent of the population experiences stress at some point in their day to day living.
Could there be a connection? Studies show that sex has a direct impact on stress levels; those who engage in the act experience less while those who abstain suffer more.
Stress affects us more than we would like to believe.
Whether or not we function within normal parameters or we are living in the danger zone of unhealthy excess, it is wise to take stock on a regular basis, and adjust accordingly.
Having a plan in place for the bad days, when stress is more oppressive than productive is essential.
Knowing when to intervene with more drastic remedies is only wise.
If we remain impassive to our needs, and allow stress to invade our lives we put our health at risk.
Sex vs.
Stress When stress is active our blood pressure rises.
Engaging in sex has the opposite effect.
Those who make love just once a week tend to have lower blood pressure than those who do not.
With lower blood pressure 10 percent of fatal strokes can be avoided, as well as 7 percent of deadly coronary artery diseases.
Being with someone and sharing intimate moments, fuels our human need for companionship.
The longing we all have for physical touch has the power to send us flailing into a dark pit of loneliness if we do not receive it, or have no opportunity to give it.
Sex provides us the opportunity to experience all the touch we need, and as a result our stress levels plummet.
With lower stress level our mood changes and with better moods we desire sex more often.
It is a positive cycle with all the added health benefits a low stress lifestyle has to offer.
Surviving vs.
Thriving Determining how you want to live your life and finding ways to meet those expectations is the difference between surviving and thriving.
"Just getting by", or "trying to make it through" is not enough, cannot be enough, if you ever wish to experience the good life.
Stress has the power to strip away the solid foundation you are trying to build, only to substitute it with a mediocre middle.
Settling for anything that does not meet your definition of quality is a waste of time and other resources better saved for meaningful endeavours.
Whether it is the sex you are having, or the food you are eating it all matters.
A quality sex life with the right person can make a big difference to the stress you have in your life.
If the physical act itself is loaded with anxiety reducing therapy, imagine what an impact a solid emotional connection would have.
Sex is one of nature's remedies against stress.
Using it wisely is part of your strategic mission of living the good life.
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