Natural Mole Removal Methods - How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally

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Moles can be considered attractive, as a number of movie stars prove. But if a person is ever-conscious of their mole, if the mole causes irritation and most certainly if the mole is cancerous, then the mole can be removed.

Compared to mole removal surgery and over-the-counter medication, removing moles using natural methods can be equally or even more effective with fewer side effects. Various over-the-counter medications exist for the removal of non-malignant moles, but people can be allergic to them. Mole removal surgery, on the other hand, is expensive is has a high probability of scarring.

A number of methods are available which, using common household products, are cheaper and cause no scarring, anesthetic allergy or nerve damage.

The juice of a sour apple, pineapple or grapefruit can be applied thrice daily for around three weeks. Even if you think it isn't working, you should persist. The stout of heart will find the mole becoming thinner and dimmer after three weeks.

Another useful juice if that of the onion, applied once a day for two or three weeks. Applying a cut piece of garlic to the mole several times a day for three or four days is also effective, but the smell is such that not only vampires will be repelled.

A remedy that is very popular amongst the people of Malaysia is sliced, raw potato, applied two or three times a day. Or a cotton ball can be dipped in iodine and rubbed on the mole, which is allowed to dry.

Castor oil has been a medical remedy since the time of the Romans. A paste can be made from it and baking soda, which is dabbed on the mole before sleep. In the morning, it should be washed off. After a few days, change should be visible.

Aloe Vera can be administered with a cotton bandage left on the mole for around three hours, to be absorbed by the skin. This should be repeated daily for two weeks. Cumin seeds can be ground and used in a poultice which is affixed to the mole. The extract of the milkweed herb can be left on the mole overnight every night for a week. Tea tree oil will also produce results.

Vitamin C tablets can be crushed and applied, then covered with an adhesive bandage.

You may no longer make a point of tearing dandelions from your lawn when you realize they can remove moles. The roots are cut off and rubbed on the skin so the juices leak out and completely coat the mole. The treatment is performed once daily, or even more if preferred.

Other items that can be used are cauliflower, honey, fig stems and hot water with vinegar. The wordiest solution is the milk-like juice of banyan tree trunk. Aspirin dissolved in water has also been found to be effective.

As has been demonstrated, a great deal of inexpensive, natural methods can be enacted at home to remove moles. These are more convenient than arranging and carrying out a trip to a surgery.

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