Understanding Dog Behavior on Begging

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Begging can be a cute dog behavior but such can quickly turn into an annoying habit.
A dog owner should know that letting your dog act this way is not always acceptable.
And you ask why.
Giving in to what your dog begs of you - whether food or attention shifts the control from you, as a dog owner, to the dog.
It is important to remember that the dog owner is the alpha male (or female) in the relationship.
Therefore, it is his prerogative to make the command and not the other way around.
Giving your dog a belly rub every time it lays on your feet can be cute.
However, when you, as a dog owner, give in to your dog's every whim can have a negative effect.
The Negative Effect Let me give you an example.
Our dog has been pampered by our family.
If our dog whines and does not want to eat by itself, we would feed our dog by hand.
It will only need to scratch my dad's leg and he would give it a belly rub.
This went on for years without us thinking that we are handing the control to our dog.
So, one time at a dinner party, our dog that was usually at its best behavior climbed on the dinner table and chomped down on a guest's food.
Everyone in the family was too busy to give the attention our dog needed at that time and I guess our dog took it upon itself to turn everybody's attention to it.
Luckily nobody got hurt but it was a pretty embarrassing situation.
Dog Behavior can be altered If dog behavior can turn for the worse, it can also turn for the better.
So don't fret if your dog started showing aggressive and whiney behavior.
If you are only beginning to train your dog, better to stay away from being too attentive to all his needs.
Yes, sometimes it is quite difficult not to give your dog a belly rub or feed it by hand.
The trick is to not do it all the time.
Let your dog know who is boss.
Instilling rules at an early age of your dog's life is important.
But if your dog is a bit older, do the reconditioning process on begging gradually.
You can start by designating a specific area for meals and that the dining table area is off limits.
Praise and give your dog a reward if it is able to follow your commands.
It is only in instilling good habits in your dog that the bad habits are erased permanently.
And lastly, be consistent.
Consistency is important in order that dogs learn to react the way you trained them to.
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