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With so many Outsource Force Bonus options available for anyone interested in John Reese's Outsource Force program, how can you begin to decide which one is right for you? This article attempts to answer that question and gives you some guidelines to consider if you are going to invest in Outsource Force, the latest information and coaching product from Internet marketing guru, John Reese.
What Outsource Force Bonus Is Available? There are quite a few different bonuses that we've seen that are available for Outsource Force.
If you do decide to invest in John Reese's new outsourcing coaching, mentoring and "how to" program, it definitely makes sense not to "buy direct" but instead to go through one of the many affiliates out there who are offering a bonus.
Bonuses are the affiliates way of luring you into the siren song of buying a program through their link.
When you do, they get paid, and usually quite well.
Commissions of fifty percent or more are often paid to affiliates for promoting products like this and prizes are given to the affiliates who rack up the most sales.
Is that bad? Well, actually no! For you, the consumer, it's a very good thing, because you have all of these people out there with exactly the same product to sell, in this case Outsource Force and to inventivize you to buy from them, they entice you with all sorts of goodies, some of them really, really cool goodies.
What Outsource Bonus Can You Expect To Receive? Here's what we've seen so far, the Outsource Force bonuses are falling into three major categories.
First, you have the sexy gadget bonuses.
These include Apple iPads (the latest greatest gadget and a real lure for buyers who would not purchase one of these extravagances on their own), iPods and that sort of thing.
Second, you have the info product bonuses.
These are okay, but really I just don't need more and more videos and CDs and pdf files laying about waiting NOT to be read by me...
ever! Third, you have some people offering up some pretty cool things that are really related to the product, like a month long outsourced employee to work for you, training for those employees, a collaboration system to manage them and the work that they are doing for you and more.
Finally, in this offering, we've seen many sites from talented affiliates who are ranking in the search results for bonuses but whose websites are blank or contain XXXXs where the bonuses are supposed to be.
Perhaps they will decide what they are offering after the launch starts? Conclusion Whatever you do, if you are going to invest in John Reese Outsource Force you should for sure go through an affiliate and before you do check out all the cool things you can receive as an Outsource Force bonus.
You'll be the winner and here's to all those affiliates who are offering such cool stuff!
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