How to Get Rid of Hornets in Your House

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    • 1). Locate the source of your hornet problem by finding the nest. Hornets often build nests on the outside of homes, but the nest may be located inside your house. Wasps commonly build their nests under horizontal surfaces. Nests are often found on overhangs, limbs, beams and the eaves of buildings. Inspect your entire home, as well as your garage, barn, shed and similar places to find the nest.

    • 2). Dress in a jumpsuit or uniform and pair it with gloves and tall socks. Tuck the sleeves of your shirt into the gloves, and tuck your pants into the socks, protecting yourself from potential hornet stings.

    • 3). Destroy the nest at night when the hornets are dormant. Hornets are less aggressive at night, and are less likely to notice your presence near the nest.

    • 4). Place a red filter over any flashlight you intend to use while destroying the nest. Shining a typical flashlight directly at the nest will frighten the hornets and cause them to swarm.

    • 5). Spray hornet pesticide directly at the nest, following the instructions on your pesticide of choice. You will begin to see hornets falling from the nest. Stand beside the nest, not under it, to minimize the chance of being stung by a falling hornet.

    • 6). Remove the nest from your home to keep a new swarm of hornets from moving in.

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