How to Make a Travel DVD

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    Movie Maker for PCs

    • 1). Open Movie Maker and click "Start a new project." Find the "Import media" link and select "Video". Find your travel video footage on your computer, then click "Import." Under the same link, select "Pictures." Select any photos from your trip, then click "Import." Drag and drop the still thumbnails of your media on the timeline in the order that you want them to play.

    • 2). Remove any dead space or the more dull parts of your video by clicking the "Cut" link underneath the preview monitor. Click and drag the ends of the video clip on the timeline to find a good start and stop point. Right-click each photo to set the length of time it is displayed. Consider cutting out any video time with droning introductions or explanations of the location, as you can add that information in later with the text function.

    • 3). Click "Transitions" and drag any transitions that you want to use between video clips and photos on the timeline. Click the "Audio" link to find a song on your computer, click it and click "Select." Drag the ends of the track in the timeline to adjust the start and stop points of the song. Select "Clip," then "Audio" to adjust the volume and other audio effects.

    • 4). Click "Text" and enter a title and credits to your travel video in the appropriate fields. Add any information that you want to include about where you have traveled, who you were with and any appropriate dates. Go to "File" or the "Office button" and click "Save as," name your video and click "Save."

    • 5). Insert a DVD into your PC. Click "Finish movie," then "Save to my computer." Click "Save to DVD" when the option appears.

    iMovie for Macs

    • 1). Open iMovie and click the "+" tab to begin a new project. Drag and drop your media, including any video and photos, from your desktop into the window on the bottom of the iMovie screen. The video will be divided into clips, which you can adjust by clicking and dragging to form a highlight over the section that you want. Drag and drop any clips and photos into the order that you want in the timeline at the top of the screen.

    • 2). Trim your video clips further by clicking them and dragging the ends back or forth to change the stop and start points. Cut out any dead time or nervous chatter to make your video flow better.

    • 3). Click the "Transitions" tab and drag the transitions you want to use in between clips and photos on the timeline. Click the iTunes tab and find a song that fits your travel experience, then drag it to the timeline. Right-click the track and drag the ends back and forth to change the stop and start points, then go back to iTunes to add a different music selection. Click the "Audio" tab to adjust volume and other audio effects.

    • 4). Click the "Text" tab and drag any pages with caption, title or credit options to the clip or photo on which you want them displayed. Click the blue text box on top of the clip or photo, enter the text and change the font or color as necessary. Consider adding captions explaining where you are in your travels or what is the significance of the clip or photo that you are showing.

    • 5). Insert a DVD into your Mac. Click "Share" and then "Send to iDVD." Open iDVD to find your video, then click "Burn."

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