Types of Curtain Styles

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    Tab Top Curtain

    • Tab top curtains consist of loop-like tabs of material at the top of the curtains through which the curtain rod is inserted.

    Eyelet Curtain

    • Eyelet curtains contain a series of holes in the top of the curtain that the curtain rod slips through.

    Gathered Curtain Headings

    • On the top of gathered curtains, the fabric has been folded over and stitched, leaving a loop in the fabric to insert the curtain rod through.

    Pencil Pleat Curtain

    • Pencil pleat curtains contain a ruching of tiny pleats at the top.

    Box Pleat Curtain

    • Box pleat curtains are similar to pencil pleat curtains, only with larger pleats that are folded rather than ruched.

    French Pleat Curtain

    • French pleat curtains are ruched, but they are not entirely pleated like pencil pleat curtains are. Instead French pleat curtains contain bundles of ruching, each a few inches apart, throughout the length of the curtains.

    Cased or Slotted Heading Curtain

    • Cased and slotted heading curtains are similar to gathered curtain headings, with the addition of a small ruffle that runs across the top of the curtain.

    Goblet Curtain Headings

    • Goblet curtain headings contain gatherings of fabric at the top placed inches apart that are shaped somewhat like goblets that flow into an overall pleated look throughout the rest of the curtain.

    Flemish Curtain Headings

    • Flemish curtain headings are similar to Goblet curtain headings, only with an added flourish of a rope accent where the curtain is gathered at the top.

    Smocked Curtain Headings

    • Smocked curtain headings look very similar to pencil pleat curtains, with slightly more ruffling at the top.

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