Rheostat Installation

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    • Disconnect all power sources before starting the installation process. Before attempting to install a rheostat, study the supplied documentation to ensure that you are capable of performing the task. Otherwise, seek the assistance of qualified personnel.

    Physical Preparation

    • Some modifications are always required before a rheostat can be installed. Modifications may include drilling holes or attaching the rheostat to a surface with a screwdriver.


    • Connect the rheostat terminals or wires to the corresponding cables of the equipment that is receiving the rheostat. Ensure that the electrical connections are solid and clean.

    Cable Issues

    • Introduction of a rheostat may cause cables to distend. Cables should be managed so as not to impair the functionality of other devices.


    • A rheostat needs external power to function properly. Ensure that all electrical connections have been made properly before reconnecting the power source.

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