An Atlanta Wedding Photographer"s Guide to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

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As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I know that wedding pictures are the most treasured rememberance of a bride's special day. That's why it makes sense to take a few tips from a photographer who can help you look your best at your wedding and in the photos you will enjoy for a lifetime. Shopping for a dress should be a lot of fun, and if you keep a few simple tips in mind, you will find that you will love the way your dress looks when you see yourself in pictures. While finding a dress you really love is the most important part of shopping for a wedding dress, the following are three tips that will help you choose the perfect one.

First, remember that not all whites are the same. Choosing the right shade of white for your dress will make you glow in photos, and can do more for your skin than the best makeup. Working as an Atlanta wedding photographer, I have seen too many brides make the mistake of wearing a winter white dress when one with a hint of pink or yellow would have made them look so much better. When you visit your bridal consultant, ask for samples of fabric in different shades of white. Take them outside (where there is natural light), and put them against your skin. Consider asking a friend to bring a digital camera, or use your cell phone camera, to take photos of how each color looks beside your face (so you can see your skin and hair in the photo). The perfect shade will be easy to spot because yout face will light up beside it. The right shade of white will keep you looking your best in your wedding pictures.

Next, look very carefully at the style of the dress and ask yourself if it will look dated in a few years. We have all seen the photos of weddings where the bridal party is wearing the latest, trendy style that looks silly just a few short years later (remeber that powder blue tuxedo that looked so stylish in the seventies?). While you should find a style you love, this Atlanta wedding photographer will tell you that simpler, more classic styles are best if you want to love them as much in ten years as you do today.

Finally, consider your accessories. If you want to wear a veil, specific jewelry, or any other accessory, you need to be sure that it coordinates with your dress. If you plan to wear an intricate necklace, for example, you may want to avoid dresses with a heavily beaded bodice that will make your chest look fussy. On the other hand, if you plan to wear a long veil, you may want to pick an off the shoulder style that will set off your veil. You can always change your accessories to match the dress you pick, but if you plan to wear a certain style of jewelry or accessory, bring it with you when you shop.

Working as an Atlanta wedding photographer has given me a chance to see how the right dress can make a bride glow on her most special day. Choosing a style that will look great in photos as well as in real life will let you enjoy your dress long aftter your big day has passed.
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