Have You Got Sharks in Your Kitchen?

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For those who write articles and put them online for the world to see often they like most humans wish to be recognized for their contributions and hard work.
One way to do this is to make public mention of them on the very websites they submit too.
By making public mention or giving out virtual awards of merit and recognition of such participants on Online Article Submission Websites, the site owner can build a stronger alliance and bring aboard a stronger team effort to increase both readership, credibility and on-going high volumes of article submission activity.
As far as those who blaze the trail, sometimes there is no trail, so you have to create one.
I would like to see such website give extra kudos on the author's bio-page for those who have achieved 100 articles, because that was a huge barrier for me personally, as I also dabble in writing articles in my retirement.
It would also seem appropriate to have one for 300 too, as I call that the "Super Barrier" as it indeed, extremely difficult for a one-subject niche writer to overcome, as you run out of things to talk about.
I propose that anyone who can get there deserves some mention on their authors page, some graphic to indicate an award (300 Club).
For those who get past 500, well you need to take your hat off to those who can achieve that, as it is impressive indeed.
You know what about a little graphic along the side on their author's page.
You know like in real estate (10 million dollar club) gold embossed on their business cards? That is a lot of work, no matter how you cut it, trust me.
I just hope someday I might be able to become a real author, so I can put that on my resume.
And also for those "one shot wonders" who have, just a few awesome articles, I know because I often read such articles online from some very worthy writers.
Sometimes I will go to their author's page to read more articles written by them and find that the one I read was only one of three or four that they have.
Such authors with excellent articles should be commended and be given their just due.
Often I will read their articles and give them their "the five star" rating.
I just wish they would write more you see? So, for those excellent writers, how about a graphic star, even if they have just one article, but it is so very good? Online article submission sites must foster teamwork and alliances with their authors and just awards should be given when they are deserved.
I hope if you own an online article submission site that you might think these things over and help by recognizing such authors.
Think on this in 2006.
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