Fantastic Ways to Last Hours in Bed - Premature Ejaculation is All in Your Head!

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There are a number of temporary ways to solve premature ejaculation.
 The thing is these temporary ways only increase sex by 5 to 6 extra minutes! Since most temporary methods tend to be very uncomfortable and even painful, a permanent treatment should be something to consider! Until you decide to invest in a permanent treatment, here is what you do:   Masturbate before your date:   This is a very simple, but practical solution that will add an extra 6 or 7 minutes to your play time.
 What this does is desensitizes you penis and allows you to withstand a more intense level of pleasure.
 For some people, an extra 7 minutes is satisfactory, others want something even more effective!   Master the art of RESETTING:   I consider resetting when you pick a number of thrusts you are comfortable giving, and then pull out to reset the pleasure level of your penis! This is very effective and can give you about 10 minutes extra if you pick a reasonable number and time it well! DON'T FORGET, when you pull out to reset, find another way to pleasure her until you are ready to re-enter!    What should I do if I want to permanently treat my PE?   The day will finally come when you are fed up with the temporary solutions and want a permanent remedy! When I decided to research permanent methods, I realized there was absolutely nothing that was free AND effective.
 Before looking for a permanent solution, you must understand that spending 40 or 50 bucks is DEFINITELY worth investing to spice up your sex life.
 Think of it as paying 50 bucks to be the big man on campus once again! It's definitely a confidence booster, that's for sure!
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