Outsourcing and Unions: Reality Check

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Most Unions are completely upset that there are so many jobs headed offshore and to foreign lands.
We have jobs slipping away from America to China and India, who together have over 2 Billion people who want jobs very badly and will work for under $3.
00 per day.
The Union Auto Workers have priced themselves out of a job in many parts of our country and companies like Delphi, General Motors and Ford are moving factories to places like Jarez, Mexico, just over the border.
Delphi says it will move 20 automotive part-making plants there.
General Motors, which already has many there will be moving 8 or more within the next 3-5 years.
Why is all this happening? Well there are many reasons but most include the over regulation on American Manufacturing and much of that is caused by Liberal Democrats and Unions in their political quest to help unbalance the natural free-market wage controls, which are common to competitive markets.
World markets for labor are now becoming similar to world markets for product prices and therefore outsourcing is leveling the playing field using a larger playing field.
If US Automakers are to sell their cars World Wide they will need to compete by keeping the labor and parts costs more to a World Wide scale now.
So, consider all this in 2006.
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