The Benefits of Password Management Software

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An increasing number of people use the internet to shop, online, and enjoy various forms of entertainment. Many of these sites require sensitive data such as credit card information that can often be compromised if it not protected. With data protection a major concern in every industry, password management is the key to safeguarding personal information and confidential data that could otherwise be compromised. With the introduction of cloud based services, the need for reliable password management softwares is even greater.

Simplify System Administration

Companies have long invested in systems and software to conduct their business efficiently. From banking to insurance, personal data of millions of customers need to be protected. A password management tool is the best way to ensure that information encoded in the system is safe. With several systems maintained by companies, there is also a need to maintain multiple passwords. For every IT administrator and regular system user, maintaining multiple passwords could be a daunting task without reliable password management tool.

Maintain Security with Complex Passwords

Password management software is a program that allows users to manage numerous website passwords and login IDs from a single secure location. Users are required to remember one password. In addition, there are several other benefits of using this software. It helps to enforce control over usernames and passwords where every user will be prompted to observe strong password characteristics such as length and alphanumeric requirements. This helps enhance the security of the system which will become virtually impossible to crack. It offers an additional layer of protection for the system and all the user accounts linked to it.

Easy Management with Single Password

Another benefit of self service password management software is that it can store an unlimited number of passwords. It uses high levels of encryption to ensure security while giving users easy access when needed, thereby simplifying the login process. All the passwords in the system can be managed by remembering only one master password. This makes it easy for system administrators and users who handle different user accounts. Many password management softwares require that users change their passwords frequently, which makes the system more secure.

Self Service Password Reset

The self password reset feature allows users who have forgotten their password to launch a self-service application from an extension to their workstation login prompt via a web browser or through a telephone call. Users are required to establish their identity by answering a series of personal questions, responding to a notification email or by using a hardware authentication token. This feature allows users to unlock their existing password, specify a new one or request for a randomly generated password. This feature can reduce the help desk call volume significantly. It is one of the best ways to ensure that any password issues resolved only after adequate user authentication.

There is no doubt that password management is the best way to protect every company account from hackers and cybercriminals. It makes the task of managing secure terminals much easier without the risk of data being compromised even in the most sensitive environments.
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