How to Make Your Beyblade Better

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    • 1). Know the basics about Beyblades. Experiment with launchers and try different angles of the stadium when launching the Beyblade. A light launcher, for example, is easier to control than a heavier one. Understand how far to pull the rip cord so that the launch is successful. If you pull it all the way, for example, the Beyblade may jump out of the stadium. Study your Beyblades. Feel the difference in weight and notice the position of launching in regard to where a Beyblade falls in the stadium. Customizing is key to a winning Beyblade.

    • 2). Upgrade your rip cord. Rip cords tend to break at the weak spot in the plastic right below the T-shape. Cut a piece of shrink tube to 1 inch. Slide the tube onto the cord, up to the T-shape. Turn on a heater gun and shrink-wrap the tube so that it melts onto the cord. Slip another piece onto the same spot and repeat the drying. This makes the weak spot on the rip cord stronger enabling a better launch.

    • 3). Change the tips of your Beyblades. Review the Beyblade box and read which modes are available for that particular Beyblade. For a manual-change version, such as the HF/S, change the flat hole to sharp and your Beyblade is instantly upgraded.

    • 4). Swap out the blade base and weight disk using the provided tool. Place the tool into the screw and turn until the Beyblade comes apart. Apply the Dranzer base, for example, and combine it with the Driger or Storm Dragon weight disk. Put on the Draciel attack ring, which features spikes. Put the tool in the appropriate spot and tighten until all the pieces fit securely together. When launching, notice the strength of your Beyblade in the arena. With such heavy attack and defense gear, the Beyblade stays balanced longer and keeps fighting until your opponent's Beyblade stops.

    • 5). Execute different launches. Aim for the wall and pull your launcher along the ripcord. The Beyblade's top will smack the wall and come back into the arena to attack your opponent. Or, get your top to collide with the other Beyblade when both of you drop into the stadium simultaneously. When done correctly, you can take off your opponent's top. Try also to angle your Beyblade so that it is aligned with the stadium wall's slope. Launch and notice the fast spin. Even if your Beyblade is hit immediately, it stays spinning.

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