Renaissance Festival A Vivacious and Warm Fair

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Renaissance fair is quite an exuberant affair which is celebrated with great zeal. It is a popular outdoor weekend activity which is attended by large number of people. Attendees are entertained by costumed professionals, daring acts by acrobats and luscious food of middle age. Costume professionals show theoretical and musical acts that depicts the life of medieval people. Visitors too love to be absorbed in the theme of fest. They come dressed in renaissance costume, attire of historical figure which they envy.

Renaissance festivals are celebrated in permanent amusement parks, fairgrounds and public or private spaces. Since the time this fest has started, it has seen many changes. Started with an aim to educate youngsters who showed dam care attitude in medieval history, now-a-days it has become totally commercialized and a way of people's amusement. During earlier decades, period of Queen Elizabeth's reign had dominated this fest but now later periods of King Henry VIII, Viking and pirates are included too. Even fantasy characters have also made its presence felt like elves and wizards.

If you are considering being a part of such activity, it is important to give importance to your medieval renaissance outfit. During middle ages, no matter how expensive or extravagant outfit royals wore, they must have to keep ruff to impress others. Those ruffs were the sign of wealth and status of person. Voluminous clothing was worn in abundant layers. Especially for ladies, they had to deal with layers of clothing. Tight corsets and bodices were worn to make waist as thin as possible. Towering headset along with metal to fix hair tight and correct, floor length colorful gowns and padded held with loop were part of their daily wear. But all the pain was endured for the sake of beauty and regality.

Things were not that tough for medieval royal men if we talk about their outfit. They wore renaissance shirts of silk. Such shirts had frills at neck and sleeves. Doublet like a close fitting jackets of today were worn over shirt along with hose. Men's clothing was designed to give them square shape on the other hand women's clothing was designed to give ladies triangular shape. Costumes were a medium of showing wealth and rich people were capable of affording costume made from silk, damask, taffetas etc. and are decorated with expensive jewelries and exquisite embroideries.

Tunics in men and peasants gowns for women are famous among participants for portraying low class men and women of medieval period. Lower class people of bygone eras used to wore simple and loose fitting clothes made from wool, linen, cotton and shipskin. Neither they were allowed to wear expensive outfits nor did they have capability to buy.

Before buying any costume and accessory, to act as a particular figure from middle age, do a little research on that figure to look more similar. A little hard work on research will help you in detail dressing and you will be noticed by others.
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