Romancing An Aquarius – The Right Way

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People born under the Aquarius sign are unique to say the least. Known as overachievers, they have many positive aspects to their personalities. That being said, there is one area where things are a bit more complex with them. That would be in the romance field. If you want to romance a person born under this sign, you need to go about it correctly.

The Aquarius is a person born in the eleventh house of the zodiac. They are generally considered very outgoing and friendly. The are also very humanistic and feel strongly about issues that impact their fellow human beings. That being said, they don't actually always deal well with one on one relationships in the traditional relationship. In fact, they can be very commitment shy.

Does this mean that an Aquarius isn't romantic or doesn't make a good partner? Not at all. They are considered great partners once the relationship is established, but getting there can be tricky. Your target dislikes the ordinary and finds it boring. The word "ordinary" is something that gives them chills. This means the usual romantic notions of an intimate dinner, roses and what have you turns the person off. If you make a full frontal romantic attack on an Aquarius, all you are going to do is send them running the other way. Don't make this mistake.

So, what can you do? The far better approach is to become friends with them first. Then try to be the witty, ingenious friend who has a lot of interesting ideas. They will be turned off by the idea of a romantic dinner, but will be turned on by the idea of doing something outside the box like going curling, rock climbing or whatever. Just try to consider whether something is ordinary or not. If not, then you have a good idea. Ultimately, this will push the two of you closer together and nature will take its course.

Romancing an Aquarius is something that can be done successfully. You just need to go about it the right way.
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