Avoiding Exercise? Add These 9 Moves Instead

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There's a myth that we have to exercise to be healthy but this isn't the case.
All movement is beneficial.
When we informally add to it throughout our day we begin to notice a change in our energy, our mood and our wellbeing.
Here are 9 simple ways you can add movement into your day: Park Far Away: whether you're grocery shopping, arriving at work or visiting the mall, park as far away as you can and walk in.
No excuse if it's too cold.
Your pace will quicken as you rush to get inside, giving your heart that extra bit of exercise it deserves.
Do housework without help: it's always great to share the house work but when it comes to your health it's better to go at it alone.
Well, at least strenuous house work.
Vacuum with vigor, wash the floor on your hands and knees.
These are ways you'll increase your movement and get fit without exercise.
Invest in a stability ball for your desk: while you may not burn an intense amount of calories the lack of a backrest on your ball will force you to sit up straight.
More muscles will activate and your posture will improve.
Add circular movements with your hips while you're taking work breaks to reduce low back pain and increase hip mobility.
Sit down twice: sit down, stand up, and then sit again.
This move tones your legs, gets your heart pumping and over time makes movement easier.
Every time you sit, stand up and sit again.
By the end of the day you'll notice you've increased your activity.
Take a water break every 30 minutes: when we're sitting at a desk all day, breaks are important.
Take 10 minutes every half hour.
Stand, stretch your legs and fill up your water bottle.
Not only will this add movement to your day but you'll stay hydrated too.
Shovel snow in winter/ rake lawns in fall: your lawn keeps you active no matter what time of year it is.
Don't hire outside help for maintenance.
Use your whole body (legs included) when you shovel snow and haul away bags of leaves.
You'll increase your activity level and feel fit very soon.
Pretend your toilet is a public bathroom: it may sound disgusting but it works like a charm.
See your own bathroom as a public toilet and you'll do everything possible not to touch the seat.
Hovering over the seat uses leg and core muscles that regular sitting just won't do.
This increases your leg strength and adds extra activity into your day.
Put your pens out of reach: if your pen is out of reach, you'll be forced to stand and grab one.
Remember, talking doesn't get you moving.
Avoid asking your friend to pass you one and reach for it yourself.
Say no to the drive-through: we all love the drive-through.
It makes life so much easier, but it also makes life sedentary.
Spend the extra minute parking your car and ordering from the inside.
Not only will the extra walk create added energy but the wait time in the line gives you time to rethink any bad food choices you were thinking of making.
Add enough movement to your day so you've accumulated 30 minutes of activity.
This is a good beginning to a healthy lifestyle.
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