Need a Kids Party Idea With a Difference? - How About a Backwards Party?

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Sometimes its difficult to come up with a good theme for a kids party.
You might think that everything has been done before.
Pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, construction, desert islands - all great party themes but by the time your kids are 6 or 7 they have likely either had them themselves or been to someone else's.
Been there, done that..
jaded party-goers at 7! Maybe its time for something new - How about a backwards party? For kids a backwards party is something quirky and novel, something a bit different.
Kids also have a well developed sense of the ridiculous and a backwards party might be just the thing to tickle their fancy.
The other great thing is that it works equally well for girls, boys or mixed parties.
For parents too a backwards party is a cinch.
Nearly all the common party games and activities can really easily be given a backwards twist.
Your backwards party starts with invitations - written backwards of course.
Don't forget to tell your guests to wear their clothes backwards - just the sort of silliness kids love.
So now everything else has to be backwards When they arrive at the venue the first thing they see is sign on the door saying "Goodbye and thank you for coming!" or alternatively write "Welcome to the party" but backwards -!YTRAP EHT OT EMOCLEW Inside the venue look for ways you can do the decorations - inside out, backwards or back to front.
Try cutting out the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hanging them up backwards YADHTRIB YPPAH etc.
The party tea is backwards so starts with the cake and candles which usually comes last and ends with crisps sandwiches and sausage rolls.
Don't forget to all sing Happy Birthday - but of course it's - You To Birthday Happy You To Birthday Happy Janey Dear Birthday Happy You To Birthday Happy Party games are simply turn-arounds of all the old classics:
  • Backwards Egg and Spoon Race - Walk the course backwards carrying your egg on your spoon.

  • Backwards Musical Statues - As the music plays you must stand still as a statue any child that moves is out.
    The minute the music stops you all have to dance around in the silence.

  • Backwards Musical Chairs - Line your chairs up in the middle as per normal, one for each child less one chair.
    When the music starts the children have to walk backwards around the chairs.
    When it stops they have to jump on the nearest chair as normal.
    The child with no chair is out.

  • Backwards Pass The Parcel - This really is a hit with the kids.
    Start with a small toy or bag of sweets.
    This is passed around the circle and when the music stops the first child is handed a sheet of wrapping paper / newspaper and has to quickly wrap the present.
    This is then passed around once more until the music stops again when another wrapping is added by another child.
    This continues with more children adding more and more sheets.
    You end up with a parcel fully wrapped up which is won by the very last child.
To finish up how about some backwards dancing and dancing back to back or perhaps a backward sports match A final touch as all the guests leave have your backwards party child welcoming each one to the party.
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