Be a Coach Not an Upline

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Think about how MLM is formed.
There are people who help others to sign other people up.
This is a simple concept.
There is no doubt that people treat this like they are signing someone up and moving onto the next.
This is a mistake.
Each individual that you get to sign up with your product or service should be treated uniquely.
That is basic customer service.
The way MLM works is by getting the people below you to get others.
So then the question that comes to mind is how do you coach a person? There is the simple answer and the hard answer.
Simply put, show the person exactly how you got people signed up.
If you can show them legitimate ways that actually got you sign ups, why reinvent the wheel? This will save them time and money that they will help you earn later on.
The hard way is when you have to take individuals by the hand to walk them step by step through the process and they still have many questions.
I council patience in this case.
Remember that each individual that you can make believe in the product and the process will bring you the kind of income we all look for.
You can figure out how much your time is worth by first figuring how many levels there are then adding up an average amount.
With one I do there are five levels.
Each level pays 10% of however much someone is spending within the company monthly.
If a person is the fifth level down and taking hours of time it may be time to move on and wish the person well.
Know what the affect could be if you leave that person.
Your down-line that you have been coaching so hard may suffer because you decided to turn your back on one person.
Also remember that if you find another opportunity and you want people to follow you they will need to trust and respect you.
This can be difficult if they saw you turn away from someone just because it took longer to explain the process to one person than the others.
Have patience and you will come out ahead.
From what I have seen the more you put out the more you get back.
It truly is an amazing concept.
One exercise I would recommend you might try is to give more than you have been.
Write something without being worried about getting paid for it.
Buy the person a coffee behind you in a drive through so there can be no interaction.
This will make you feel better.
Use your imagination to give something of yourself to someone or people you do not know.
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