Three Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Home Based Internet Business

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Are you reviewing this article as part of your research and due diligence before choosing your internet marketing partner? If so, then here are some helpful tips and questions to explore before you begin your exciting journey.
In this first article in a short series, this experienced author and coach identifies some of the early preparatory questions which need to be considered before launching an online marketing venture.
These questions, addressed here and subsequent in this short series provide a valuable input and experience that can help make the launch of a new internet marketing business successful from launch day.
  • How independent do I want to be?
It is really important that you consider if your business is going to be uniquely and directly related to you as an individual, providing real independence from any associated internet marketing company, or if you believe that your best approach is to align yourself with a company, group or team who share the same objectives as you.
 This decision really boils down to how you want to work and if you are comfortable operating on your own or if you would rather be part of a broader team where you can connect with others in a similar situation to yourself.
 Many options are available to you whatever your preference.
  • Do I want this venture to become my primary income source?
Many people starting their own internet business start by treating their new business as a second income stream and they establish their venture while in full time employment.
 Many successful entrepreneurs grow their businesses from a situation where the business starts off as a secondary income steam, but very soon becomes the main source of income as a result of success and hard work.
 Decide as early as practicable if you are going to are going to limit the number of hours you can dedicate to your new business because of your full time job and make the decision as early as you can if you wish your internet venture to be your main source of income as this will allow you to focus your attention on the business which is yours and allow you to either quit your job or, scale back your involvement in other things.
  • Do I have a target market focus, or can I sell to multiple markets?
This is important in identifying either your niche market or the way that you establish your business allowing you to promote and sell other peoples products as an affiliate.
 If you elect to have a very clear focus around a niche, based upon your passions and interests, then you need to conduct adequate research and buying patterns of your target market and then tailor your positioning to that market.
 If you choose to sell to multiple markets, then you can adopt a more generic positioning.
    By considering and addressing the question posed above your first few months as an ambitious entrepreneur can be rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable, knowing that you are laying the foundations for a highly successful business.
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