Preventing Eye Injuries at Home

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Reports state staggering statistics of eye injury emergencies in the home. In almost all cases, these injuries could have been avoided with closer attention to the dangers at hand and better planning of how to keep those dangers locked away.

As any good medic knows, most cases of accidents and injury actually occur within the home. Somehow, when people are outdoors and they are watching everything so carefully, the possibility of harm is decreased drastically. In contrast, while at home, people relax in their comfort zones and forget the little things that are so dangerous, such as boiling water, cleaning materials, and so on. According to one set of medical statistics, accidents involving common household products cause around 125,000 eye injuries annually. Another report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Society of Ocular Trauma (ASOT) stated that "every year, there are more than 2.5 million eye injuries." However, they add that in 90 percent of cases, these injuries could have been prevented.

People need to actively step up and take responsibility for the safety hazards in their homes by knowing what the hazards are and doing all they can to eliminate them from the home. Where children's toys are involved, parents should keep their children away from toys with sharp or rigid points, shafts, spikes, rods, and other dangerous edges. Children should also be encouraged to sit and play, unless they are involved in an activity that has them moving around - like sports, as children tend to be clumsy and easily trip and fall and whatever they're holding can easily hit them in the face, and/or eye(s).

All flying and projectile-firing toys should be avoided completely as these are dangerous to all children (and sometimes to adults), especially when children are under five years old. This includes BB guns. Contrary to popular opinion, these are not toys, and are, in fact, extremely dangerous to those around the user and they are considered a weapon. When in the car, parents should ALWAYS adhere to safe driving rules and ensure that their children are appropriately strapped in, whether in an infant car seat or booster seat to prevent injury to the eye (and other injury) should there be an accident. While at the playground, parents should be aware of the potential hazards and act accordingly. Just as a side note, when you and your children are in the car or outdoors, ensure that you are all wearing sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection. The sun is a safety hazard too.

In your home, you should cover all sharp corners with a cushioning of some sort so that your children don't poke their eyes. You should also put up safety gates at the entrance to stairs so that children are not able to "use" the stairs alone and risk falling on them or down them. All medicines, cleaning materials, cosmetics, kitchen utensils and other potentially dangerous items should be out of reach from children, not only placed in a high cupboard, but actually locked away as well.

When working with strong indoor cleaning chemicals, you should protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles and a surgical mask. The same applies when you are working with fertilizers and pesticides, and when you are mowing the grass or trimming hedges (to protect your eyes and face from flying debris). Always remove garden tools and other such items and pack them away. Anyone can trip over them and cause themselves serious harm and serious harm to their eyes.

In general, people want to protect their eyesight, as once it's gone there is no way to get it back. In the same way that you visit your optometrist for an annual checkup and to update your prescription so you can order glasses, you should be protecting your home against those things that may cause damage to your eyes and wearing safety protection, which you can wear over your regular prescription glasses frames, when the need arises. Remember, the prevention of eye injuries is in your hands!

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