Firefighter Gift Ideas

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Firefighters risk their lives every day protecting people.
Which is why we wanted to come up with the best firefighter gift ideas that we could think of.
Each of these gift ideas were picked remembering exactly how much firefighters do for people.
With that in mind we think we came up with some great gift ideas.
When we chose these gifts we wanted to pick gifts that wouldn't cost a fortune.
On top of that each gifts had to have an "appreciation" value that will tell that person how much you care.
Finally we managed to come up with some gifts that we think were great.
As for our suggestions we hope you like our gift ideas.
#3 Arms of Safety Fireman Axe When we found this gift idea we knew it would be great for a fireman.
It has a sentimental value to it that we think all those firefighters out there would appreciate it.
The arms of safety fireman axe is an axe that has intricate details and is superbly crafted.
To name a few details the handle of the axe is actually a ladder with fireman climbing up it.
Then on the blade there is a hand painted picture of firemen at work.
To understand exactly how beautiful this gift is you would actually have to see it.
The axe even features a rendition of the historic Maltese Cross at it's base.
#2 Personalize Firefighter Prayer With this gift you'll be honoring all of the men and women who serve our communities.
The people that put their lives on the line everyday to save people just like me and you.
As for the gift it's a personalized certificate that can be framed with the firefighters prayer on it.
You certificate has a wonderful image of a fireman and truck on it with the firefighters prayer printed on it.
Of course that doesn't compare to the price of this wonderful gift.
We were able to find this gift for only $6 which is an excellent bargain for all you thrifty shoppers out there.
#1 Fire Escape Game This last gift recommendation would be a great gift for all of those family men out there.
If the firefighter you know is the type of guy who likes to father his children then this is a great gift.
With this gift he'll be able to bond with his children and teach him about his career.
The actually game is a 3D maze strategy game that includes 48 different rescue missions and a total of four difficulty levels.
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