Changsha: sell Jiujia Dian subsidies are capped an unlimited number of new ones - Appliance TM, appl

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Liu, who lives in Changsha Hexi

aunt, had been longing to the old home


, Replace a stylish large LCD, and now she soon got what they wanted to enjoy because of "

TM to

"Bring the multiple benefits from implementation of the. Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director of market system Interrogating told reporters yesterday, Changsha appliance" TM "project will today at 10 am, at the South Xingsha


Official launch of the world.

At the launching ceremony, Tong Cheng Electric, Changsha, Hunan 10000 Blue Sky Technology Co., Ltd. will be bundled with content-based community debut, and the pass-way electrical Xingsha field by the public for the appliance store, "TM" in the all kinds of advice. I understand that the business is still as relevant training for TM to work today only to register people, for the time being can not sell Jiujia Dian.

Changsha first sale, closing, demolition of "through-train"

Has been responsible for household appliances "TM" process through the project assistant general manager of Tian Gang, electrical, Changsha appliances "TM" details are approved by the Ministry of Commerce, it can be implemented. Jiu Jiadian appliances renewal process is simple: first through the telephone booking, then a professional home appraisal Jiujia Dian, and open the "TM" evidence, evidence, and I harbor has enabled consumers or the identity of the account to successful


Outlets to buy new appliances can enjoy the corresponding subsidies.

"And published before the implementation details of the pilot cities, the Changsha appliances TM to the implementation of the rules will have distinct characteristics, distribution, recycling, demolition business will reach a mutual agreement between the Community, which belong to the country first. "involved in the implementation of the rules formulated according to the relevant industry, the biggest advantage of this community will be greatly simplified the process of consumers in the TM to the procedure, the maximum convenience to the consumer. "If the sale closing, demolition of three separate, when consumers can only sell Jiujia Dian recycling companies to transport, while the three together, the sales of enterprise's logistics system can also be recycled into household appliances, this will greatly enhance the recovery work efficiency, so that consumers can sell within a shorter time Jiujia Dian. "

Sell Jiujia Dian will not limit the number

Consumers most concerned about the current valuation of Jiu Jiadian issues, the industry sources, consumers sell the Jiu Jiadian worth lies in size, not the old and new. "The reason is simple, the recovery of the Jiu Jiadian will all meet the relevant qualification of the winning entry dismantling enterprises

Environmental protection

Dismantling, and not into the second-hand market, the size of the appliance determines the amount of recyclable metals, so the price will be a corresponding increase in recycling. "Also, because the country will be 10% for the TM to the subsidies, consumers also sell Jiujia Dian prices than in the past hawkers selling lower." According to my understanding of the situation, all kinds of home appliances the price recovery will not exceed 100. While the lower prices, but consumers buying new appliances if to get a 10% subsidy me another of the case, still before the hawkers sell cost-effective. "

The other hand, Changsha TM to the implementation of the rules will not restrict the number of people that will sell Jiujia Dian unrestricted access to relevant documents can be alone and enjoy the purchase of new subsidies. It also does not restrict the purchase of new time. The industry in particular to remind consumers save good evidence that once lost can not get government subsidies.



Appliances to the countryside

"Product shall not have TM to enjoy" home appliances to the countryside, "consumers can not be repeated subsidies to enjoy" TM "subsidies. In other words, rural consumers sell Jiujia Dian, the purchase of new appliances only 10% of TM to enjoy the subsidy, the financial sector can not go home appliances to the countryside for 13% of subsidies.

Different categories can be redeemed for the redemption of the national appliance TM to limit category do not do, that is, any of five types of home appliances can redeem any class of Jiu Jiadian a new class of home appliances.
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