How to Club Dance With a Girl

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    • 1). Observe the girl you want to dance with to ensure she is not at the club with a romantic partner--asking her to dance while one is present can lead to conflict.

    • 2). Wait for a song to come on that you like or are familiar with. It will be easier to keep the rhythm and avoid any awkward pauses if you know the music.

    • 3). Walk up to the girl you're interested in and ask her if she'd like to dance. If she is in conversation, wait until she is done speaking. Do not use pickup lines; instead, be courteous. For example, saying, "Hello, would you like to dance?" is much preferable to "Hey cutie, come dance with me." The latter is not only rude, but you also may come off as arrogant.

    • 4). Keep a distance of at least two feet from the girl until she comes closer to you. Doing otherwise can make her feel uncomfortable. If she does come closer to you while dancing, avoid touching her until she places her hands on you. Even then, do not place your hands below or above her waist, as a matter of courtesy.

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