A Review of GDI - Global Domains International Income Opportunity

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Global Domains International (also known as GDI) was founded by Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir.
This program is designed for anyone who has an online business, as with an online business it is a must to have a website.
If you are working online and don't have a website, then your customers will not be able to find you and your business wont be very successful.
Along with your website you need a domain name.
When the internet first started each country was given an ending for their domain names such as .
uk for the United Kingdom, .
us for United States and .
au for Australia, etc with the most popular ending being .
Reed and Ezeir had the idea to start their own business marketing a .
?? name to sell their own domain names and hosting.
GDI was formed using .
ws which was originally the ending for the Nation of Samoa.
By the end of the year 2000 .
ws was part of the Global Domains International company and by that stage they had sold over 100,000 .
ws registrations over 180 countries.
The Nation of Samoa receives a percentage of all profits made by GDI and they are quite happy with the success of the company.
The most successful online businesses have great domain names but it is getting harder and harder to find good names that aren't already taken.
This is where .
ws names through GDI can be very useful.
With .
com being the most popular and sought after ending to a domain name, it is extremely difficult to find a good name with a .
com ending, so if the name you are looking for is already taken with a .
com then why not try the .
ws? .
ws is becoming more and more popular and with internet popularity growing all the time it is becoming very common for websites to use other endings other than .
The advantage of purchasing your .
ws domain name through GDI is that along with the domain name you also receive web hosting and email support, which your domain name is no good if you don't have those.
The other advantage of purchasing a .
ws domain name through GDI is that you also receive the opportunity to earn an income.
This happens if someone else happens to purchase a .
ws domain name through GDI after being referred by your website.
So for every person that signs up to a domain name and web hosting through GDI through your referral, you will earn a commission and will continue to do so for the entire time that person remains a GDI customer.
That person that you have referred have the same benefits that you do in receiving a domain name, web hosting, email support and the income opportunity.
Global Domains International has opened up the opportunity for people to have a better chance at finding a good domain name available as well as giving people the opportunity to earn money at the same time.
GDI is a good, solid business and a good opportunity for anyone wanting to make money online.
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