Legal Rights vs. Executor for Funeral Arrangements

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    What is an Executor?

    • An executor is a person named in a will to control the distribution of funds and other assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. This can be a family member, a lawyer or anyone who the deceased trusted with these responsibilities.

    Legal Responsibilities

    • In addition to distributing the deceased's assets in accordance with the will, the legal responsibilities of the executor include paying for the funeral arrangements, debts left by the deceased, legal fees, and taxes. These are all paid for out of the estate.

    Funeral Arrangements

    • If the deceased did not leave specific instructions pertaining to his funeral, his next-of-kin has the right to decide the arrangements. If there is no spouse, the responsibility goes to his children, then his siblings and so on. If they relinquish the responsibility, funeral planning duties then fall to the executor.

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