Milk Allergy Symptoms

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Many individuals in the world suffer from a milk allergy.
When evaluating allergies among children, this is considered to be the most common food related one.
Typically, a milk allergy is a result of a sensitivity involving the milk that is created by a cow.
However, for many, a milk allergy is extremely broad and results from consuming the milk from other animals as well, such as the goat, sheep, and even milk that is obtained from buffalo.
Once an individual consumes milk, they will likely experience symptoms within a few minutes.
However, many do not feel symptoms until several hours later.
There are several symptoms that may occur when a person suffers from a milk allergy.
Naturally, the symptoms that are experiences will vary from one individual to another.
Many individuals may initially develop hives on the skin.
This may be accompanied by breathing complications such as wheezing.
In many instances, a person suffering from this type of allergy will experience vomiting.
If any of these symptoms occur, the individual should see a doctor.
The reason being, as time progresses, the symptoms may become worse.
If a severe allergic reaction is experienced, it could lead to many serious issues.
There are many symptoms of a milk allergy that may appear within a few hours of consuming the drink.
First, it is not at all uncommon for an individual to experience cramping in the abdominal area.
It is also likely that gastrointestinal complications such as diarrhea and even the presence of blood in the stools during bowel movements.
Many people may start suffer from a rash on various locations of the body.
This is often accompanied by nasal congestion, high levels of mucus in the eyes, and even coughing.
If you feel as if you or someone else has developed a milk allergy based on the symptoms that they are experiencing, be certain to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.
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