Win Your Ex Back - Are They Still Interested?

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There are certain steps to take if you want to win your ex back.
First, you must realize that breaking up is hard on both of you.
You both will feel an emptiness that is bewildering and grievous.
To win your ex back, however, you must start to think clearly again.
It may be hard to understand what and even why the dissolution of your relationship happened.
But in order to win your ex back, you will need to understand these things, primarily so they don't happen again.
You may know some of the reasons why the break up happened.
Your ex may have been quite clear on this.
But, to win ex back, you will need to understand them.
If things were said during an emotional upheaval, your ex may feel differently, now that they have had some time to reflect.
They may not actually feel as strongly as they did at first.
Your job to win ex back will be to determine if this is the case, Start looking for clues.
Your ex's reactions towards you, even if they are negative ones, is still an indication that you are important to them and may show you a clear path to win ex back.
If you weren't so important to them, they wouldn't care one way or the other.
Even a negative reaction tells you that they have some interest.
Remember, too, that many people hate change and keeping you nearby may be your ex's way of saying they really don't want you to go, that they don't want to be alone.
Perhaps what I just described is not the most romantic of situations, but it does mean you have a chance to turn things around.
It may not appear to be a good thing, but it will lead to an opportunity for you to win ex back.
So your job is to figure out if your ex is showing any kind of emotion towards you at all.
Any reaction towards you, whether positive or negative, is a good thing in this case, and you will be able to find a way to win ex back if they have some kind of feeling towards you.
Take a moment to think about that.
You've never been angry with someone you didn't know, have you? Someone for whom you had no emotional involvement wouldn't even hit your radar for any kind of emotion, right? If your ex has truly purged all emotions for you, there would be no reaction to you at all.
This is important to understand if you really want to win ex back.
Love means a person cares, but so does anger.
If they didn't care, they wouldn't react.
To win ex back, learn to see the clues.
If your ex has a reaction to you, then there is hope.
Hope for reunion and hope for a strengthening of the relationship in order to prevent trouble in the future.
Forget what was bad about the relationship.
Do not harbor resentment and you will be able to clearly see the clues and find the path to win ex back.
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