How To Maintain A Granite Kitchen Work Table

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Workbench is a valuable addition in the kitchen. Most of the agendas of the kitchen and less additional platform, where you can keep utensils and spices, or knives. There are granite kitchen work table adds to the beauty of your kitchen, while providing additional working space for you. However, taking into account the high prices and the beauty of the granite, you must take adequate care to do so.
Tools and materials required:

* Soft cloth
* Water
* Pillows
* Recommended stone cleaner
* Cutting Board
* Sealant

Step 1 - clean up all spills immediately

Granite is, long-lasting materials Hardy. However, you may not be quite resistant to stains from cooking or the oil spill. Do not leave any leakage of liquid or drop food on the agenda of the granite. You must make it a point to wipe it off immediately. If left on the surface of the granite for a long time, can cause food stains. Once the damage and granite require costly repairs or replacement.
Step 2 - Always use pads under pots

Granite is heat resistant and scratch is also evidence in most circumstances. However, to prevent drilling or scratches on the surface, you should always use pads under pots and you keep on the surface of granite. Any fine particles on the surface of the pot comes in contact with granite and the generation of friction, resulting in scratches.
Step 3 - to regularly clean the

To remove dust, and the elimination of granite work table every day with a soft cloth. Once or twice a week, you can also clear the stone cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. After cleaning, remove all remnants of the cleaner with a soft damp cloth before using the work schedule again.
Step 4 - Avoid cleaning in

Always use a good quality stone cleaner that is suitable to clean the granite. Never use abrasive cleaning materials, detergents, soap, bleach or vinegar on the table work on the granite. Such materials granite permanent damage and discoloration of the cause, incite or pattern on the surface. Any such damage requiring repairs or replacement by a qualified professional.
Step 5 - Always use a cutting board

Never cut vegetables or other food items directly on the surface of granite. These can leave ugly traces on the surface. Always use a cutting board for chopping. It also made it a point to avoid leaving heavy materials on the agenda of granite. Never allow young children climbing or sitting on the workbench of granite. Although granite and durable material such as this, it is not resistant to cracking under severe pressure.
Step 6 - Apply sealant every two years

Leak applied to the surface of the granite is protected from stains and other problems. With the passage of time, the sealant may be afraid and leave the granite at risk. Should be the agenda of the re-granite as required. Generally takes a few years to paint sealant to wear off. In the case of any damage to the table work, and avoid trying to fix it yourself. Call in the professionals who can guide you in the reform of the proper work schedule.
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