Easy Way to Tie Shoes

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    • 1). Separate the laces and hold one end in each hand -- the left strand and the right strand.

    • 2). Cross the laces making a "X" shape.

    • 3). Circle the right shoe lace through the bottom hole of the "X" shape.

    • 4). Pull tightly on both strands. Grab the shoelaces again so you have a right strand and a left strand.

    • 5). Fold the right shoelace in half and hold your finger to keep the shoelace in a circle.

    • 6). Wrap the left strand around the section where your fingers are holding the right shoelace in half.

    • 7). Push the center of the left strand through the center hole and pull tightly. The shoelaces should make a bow.

    • 8). Repeat with the other shoe.

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