What is Law of Attraction?

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More and more people have viewed "The Secret" and want to know more about Law of Attraction.
Many want to learn how to improve or change their life.
Others have heard about Law of Attraction but have no idea of what it is or how it can impact their lives.
So, I suppose it would be best to begin with the question, "What is Law of Attraction?" Law of Attraction is a natural law of nature which attracts into your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to.
Let me give you a couple of examples.
There is a person we all have met in our lives which I will call Negative Nellie.
Nellie is always complaining about something, generally doesn't feel well and seems to have various aches or pains.
She is usually faced with one dilemma after another.
Another individual is one I call Positive Patty.
She is a person who seems to always be on a roll.
She is always upbeat, seems to enjoy one great event after another, wins things and basically seems to live a charmed life.
Both of these are examples of the Law of Attraction in action.
What ever we give our attention, energy and focus to is attracted into our lives.
If we have positive, upbeat thoughts, we will attract positive events in to our life.
If, on the other hand, we spend our time thinking about negative issues such as debt, lack of free time, unhappy relationships, we are inviting more of the same.
You can learn how to change your life and attract more of what you want into your life and less of what you don't.
Basically, change your thoughts and change your life.
I use Law of Attraction every day.
It has brought me much more joy and happiness as well as a lot of wonderful things.
Just this past November, my husband and I were in Nevada on business.
Our business concluded earlier than expected and we were faced with finding a hotel in the Las Vegas area since that was the airport we were to fly out of.
It so happened that there were events going on and available rooms were way out of our price range.
I put the Law of Attraction to work while my husband and I decided to take a two day trip to the Grand Canyon and to see friends in Arizona.
It was during this trip that my husband found a wonderful deal for us in Las Vegas while checking online.
The Luxor, a hotel/casino on the strip in Las Vegas was offering four nights for the price of three.
This would work for our budget.
He also found availability at a new casino/hotel near the Hoover Dam for the other night we would require and since we both wanted to see the Hoover Dam, this was perfect.
Now, some of you may call it coincidence or just plain luck.
For me, I know it was the universes reply to my request.
I experience many things like this.
This past summer, while traveling back from Arkansas, my husband had me call ahead to a Marriott in Tennessee.
I wanted to stay on the river with a room that had a nice view.
I called the hotel and requested a room.
They made my reservation and when we arrived, found out that we had been upgraded - at no additional charge - to a room on the concierge floor.
When we entered our room, we had the most fantastic view plus all the amenities and convenience of the concierge floor! Again, Law of Attraction had brought me more of what I wanted in my life.
My husband gets to enjoy the benefits as well.
Most possibly the best example came during the Christmas holidays.
My husband and I were scheduled to fly to Colorado Christmas Eve to surprise our grandchildren on Christmas morning.
However, all parking lots including the remote were full and people were being asked to have someone drive them to the airport.
Having no one available to do this for us (all were away themselves) we had no alternative but to drive ourselves.
My husband was planning to drive to his office and take a cab from there.
I, on the other hand decided to send my request for a parking space to the universe on the 22nd.
On our way to my husband's office on the 24th, we took a chance and drove by the parking lots at the airport.
All were closed but one had an attendant at the gate.
We pulled up and I got out and asked if there was any parking open.
He told me the airport had just started to allow travelers to use the hourly parking lot at the daily rate! We went directly there and instead of having to take a shuttle from a remote lot to the terminal, we were parked in the covered lot right next to our terminal.
Wow! If that wasn't enough, on our return we were 45 minutes late leaving Colorado which meant we would most likely miss our connecting flight in Phoenix.
The entire flight I kept seeing us making our flight.
When we arrived in Phoenix and ran to our gate at the opposite end of the terminal, the door was already closed.
We went to the person at the desk and showed our passes.
They called the plane and we were allowed to board! Not only did we make it back home, but our luggage managed to be there waiting for us as well.
I could go on and on but you get the idea.
Since discovering the Law of Attraction, my life has changed dramatically.
As a Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner, I teach my clients how to understand and apply the Law of Attraction to their own lives.
It is a wonderful feeling to know you have helped another person to live a happier, more enjoyable life.
There is nothing like it!
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