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BlackBerry devices have known their days of glory but these days are now gone. RIM (the makers of BlackBerry) are trying hard to get back a share of the mobile and smartphone market with new models and functionalities based on users’ new aspirations. One of these functionalities is VoIP, which is an essential thing to have on a smartphone or tablet. BlackBerry has been off the Skype list for very long, and recently has been dragged in.

Viber is another service that is becoming quite popular, mainly due to its being all free and working on phone numbers rather than user names. Here is how to download and install Viber on your BlackBerry machine.


To be able to use Viber, you need the following:
  • A BlackBerry smartphone that runs either OS 5 or later versions. Earlier versions are not supported.
  • WiFi or 3G supported on your device, as an Internet connection is what Viber uses, as do all VoIP apps, to establish the connection.
  • The actual network, which is either a WiFi hostpot (home, office or public network) or a 3G data plan.
  • A GSM phone number (a SIM card), through which Viber and other users will recognize you on the network.

What You Can Do With Viber

With Viber installed and running on your device, you will be able to
  • Send and receive text messages for free on your device
  • Send and receive images for free
  • Make and receive voice calls for free
  • Engage in group chat with up to 40 participants
  • Use a series of emoticons

    Download and Installation

    While being connected on the Internet, use your phone’s browser to go to Viber’s BlackBerry page and click on the Get Viber button. Alternatively, you can go to BlackBerry world directly following this link. Once there, click on the Download button. The file is 7 MB of size so the process if quite fast and also does not take much space on your phone’s memory.

    You can also download the QR code to download the app. This is possible only with OS versions 7.1 and above. Press the Menu key and click Scan a Barcode. The QR code is shown at the bottom of the download page.

    The app is free as well as the service.

    Setting Up Viber

    Once the app is installed on your machine, launch it and follow the registration process. You won’t have to enter a username and a password, as you will be identified with your actual phone number, which is a nice feature with Viber.

    You will be prompted to enter your phone number, through which you will receive an SMS message which will contain a verification code. You will use that verification code to complete your registration and verification process. Make sure that your Internet connection (WiFi or 3G) are on and that Viber is running on your device for the receipt of that verification message.

    You can then set your profile, in which you can add basic information about yourself. These will include a name that will show on people’s phones when they read your see your entry in their contact list. You can also place a profile picture, which can be a photo you take instantaneously on your phone, or a saved picture. This will also show in your entry on other Viber users’ phones.

    The contact list will be populated automatically. This means that all people n your phone’s contact list who use Viber are automatically searched for and entered in Viber’s contact list. This helps in deciding how you call these people. For someone who is already on Viber, you will want to make a free Viber call rather than using up expensive GSM minutes. Also, if these people are abroad, it costs nothing to call them.
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